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Online Dating Special this week with Tangowire

I work with Tangowire dating sites and this is the beginning of our 10 celebrations
Friday: Free Chat All Day and Bundle Memberships Pricing (along with premium membership they get additional addons – more gifts, more impressions)
Saturday: Two Free Gifts and Bundle Membership Pricing
Sunday: One Free Email and Bundle Membership Pricing
Monday: Double the Credits (buy 1 credit get 2) and $9.95 monthly memberships
Tuesday: Premium Search Features Free and $9.95 monthly memberships
Wednesday: Free Chat and $9.95 monthly memberships
Thursday: 5 Free SMS and $9.95 monthly memberships
Friday: One Free Email and Bundle Membership Pricing
Saturday: 2 Free Gifts and Bundle Membership Pricing
Sunday: Free Chat and Super DUPER Bundle Memberships

You can go to and go to any of the sites listed to get these deals and become part of the fun!


Online Dating~ Is It Safe?

Post from My dear friend and online dating expert AmericanCurvyGirl~ From the Blog

I am often asked by people if Online Dating is safe.  I don’t blame people for being unsure about it because we hear stories and see things in the Media about some poor woman who was attacked or killed when she met a man from the internet.  The Media just loves a good Horror Story. That is how they make their living after all. If they keep us good and scared of “Online Stalkers and Predators”  we’re more likely to stay tuned so they can keep us safe.

My take on it is that for every one tragedy that comes from meeting someone online there is at least 1000 tragedies that happen when a woman meets a man at a bar, a dance club or any where for that matter. You see, when you meet someone online it’s okay to be cautious. It’s perfectly acceptable to get their name and address so you can leave it with your friend or maybe your mother.  Also, anyone smart will have spoken to each other on the phone quite a few times before deciding to meet.

Think about it.  When you meet someone online there is already a trail that can be followed in the event that something happens or you disappear.  The police will simply track the IP address from any emails or subpoena the dating site for any information they have.  If you are using a Dating Site that you both pay for there will also be credit card information that leads back to them.

To be honest I’m a cautious person myself. I don’t think I’d be out there using Craig’s List to meet people because I really would rather meet someone serious and grown up enough to use a real Dating Site.  However, should you choose that route for yourself you can still be safe.  Just get the person’s phone number and talk to them for a week or two before you decide to meet.  That way you know it’s probably not a stolen phone because it most likely would have been turned off within that amount of time.

When my friend Jayme met her husband Dave she even had his work number and had spoken to him at his office so she knew he was really who he said he was.  She was cautious and smart so she also told him outright that she had given a few of her friends his phone numbers as a safety net.  That is an excellent idea because we should never assume that a  killer or criminal is smart enough to realize that they would be easily caught.

If you just use caution and common sense you can make your Online Dating experience a very safe and secure adventure.  Of course I can’t guarantee you that there is nothing to fear. I mean there is always the possibility that you will have spinach in your teeth throughout all three courses. I’m sorry but you’re on your own when it comes to the really scary stuff.

She met her Husband online and they are still happily married. I spent a week on a cruise with this lovely loving couple. They are darling. It can happen for you too. Online dating can be safe if done wisely just like offline dating. Stop Wating Start Dating!!!

Are Curvy Women better in bed?

We knew but did you?

According to an online dating survey, Men find heavier women better in bed. If you are a BBW you knew that..;) and if you are a BBW admirer well you knew that too. Men like a curvy woman and find them  more pleasant to spend time with  and more sexually attractive. (We knew that too) Women tend to have more hangups about their weight and body size than the men that want to date them according to the survey. If you love a beautiful woman with some curves we know a great place to meet them. has sexy curvy woman from the US to all corners of the World. Sign up for free and search our members and see all our Beautiful Curvy Women and  all the great site features that makes this online community so special. Find your Big Beautiful Date with us.

Find Local BBW Dating @

From the Blog

Dating For Gay And Lesbian Singles

Gay and Lesbian dating sites are out there by the hundreds. If you google the words for gay dating or lesbian dating dozens of sites will come up.  Which one is the right one for you? If you are looking for a relationship or dating online a few good ones come to is an old and trusted lesbian dating site that is part of Tangowire dating. Tangowire has great lesbian and gay dating sites and they have been around since the start-up of the dating industry.GayDatingNow.Net is just the site for gay singles looking for love and friendships. They have a huge data base of members and cool new site features that makes online dating exciting and fun. Go Mobile makes dating online easy as flipping out your cell phone and flirting with new friends or dates. Your number remains private until you are ready to share.

Black.GayDatingNow.Net is a gay dating site for black singles or gay singles interested in dating gay black singles. Same great site with the same great company. There is also for black lesbians and their admirers. Narrowing your lesbian and gay dating search even more. These are specialty sites for singles looking for specific dating search. is still from tangowire with all the whistles and bells of the other sites and a great place for bisexual singles to meet and date. Tangowire really has something for everyone. Niche dating is their specialty and with over 70 different specialty dating sites there’s something for everyone.

Dating Now with Google Search

Have you ever asked a question and been told to try” Googling” it?  If you have a question about online dating now that’s a good answer. If you want a fast answer as to which of the follow is the best dating site now try it. You will find the answer to the question. Quality site, great people, friendly staff and fast fun is what you can find at these sites If you want niche dating now “google” it.
Interracial Dating Now
Military Dating Now
Black dating Now
Latino dating Now
Lesbian Dating Now
Gay Dating Now
Bisexual Dating Now
It’s what’s happening now in online dating sites that specialize in niche dating.
just go to google search and try it now. For fast free online dating search for the type of dating that you are
looking for with the word now. See what we mean. Go to to see all that happening now in online.

Interracial Dating Haven

 From the Blog

Research says that online daters tend to date within their own race. What if you are looking for interracial dating online? If you think opposites attract and are interested in interracial dating then you may really like interracial dating sites. The buzz in the online dating industry is that in traditional matchmaking sites people tend to date within their own race. This is where it would pay to find a site that caters to interracial dating. There are hundreds of sites that do just that. Now which one is best and has what you are looking for.
We have worked in the online dating industry almost from the very start. After looking around and trying to find a site that has people looking out for members and a great staff to support members we started working with Tangowire. Quality members, great sites, and a wonderful staff that is interested in making the people who use their sites happy with the service. is one of many interracial dating sites that are part of Tangowire and has a vast pool of quality members in a safe online environment where the satisfactory of service for member is a number one priority. Tangowire cares about the people who join their sites and the people working for them.
This Interracial dating site is working constantly to give quality service and up-to-date features for members to enjoy.
Features include:
Free profile with pictures
Free search
Free to receive e-mail and reply
Free flirting
Profile verification
Virtual Dating
Go Mobile
You can search for local singles or singles from anywhere on the globe. This site is working hard for member satisfaction and has people who will give you a little help along the way to insure you get the best experience. Try this site for free and we believe you will find what we have found. is a quality interracial dating site in the sea of interracial dating sites that are online today. is the same great site but is made for interracial dating in the UK. All the features in a dating site that a member needs to have an excellent dating experience online.

Black Dating Sites

Black singles can find online dating at a trusted site that’s been around since the beginning of the online dating industry start-up at .  Being a part of the Tangowire system of dating sites is part of a trusted dating company that works hard for its members. This site has been around and has all the latest and greatest upgrades in online dating technology. Go Mobile is just one of the great site features black singles can use to search for dating on this site. You can use your mobile phone to communicate on the site while still keeping your number private. Virtual dating is another fun perk of this site designed especially for black singles. You can interact with other singles in a virtual date setting for a new way to meet and date.Local search for black singles is part of the site design. Just chose an area and search the profiles by gender and preferences. BlackBeautyDates  has free sign up. Just go to the homepage,  pick a handle, and you will be up and dating in 10 minutes. Fast,Free, and modern dating for black singles is what this site is about. Is a black dating site for UK singles interested in online dating at a great site designed for black singles.

We also have gay and lesbian black dating sites for gay black singles there is and  for black lesbian women and their admirers. We have specialty dating for black singles looking for love and relationships using dating sites. Signup and start your adventures in dating today. We would also like to hear how you like it.

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