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He Said,She Said, I Said~Barbara J. Peters

Relationships are complicated aren’t they? Romantic ones are most complex of all. Men and Women think and act so differently that often we fight and talk but never get to the bottom of the problem because we do not understand what we are even fighting about. Want some help? I met Barbara J. Peters through twitter and fell in love with her quotes. We began chatting and she asked me to read her book He Said,She Said, I Said. I was blown away by her insight into relationship and how similar our ideas about relationship and how to make them work were. No wonder I adored her tweets~ she was in my head!

You need to read this Book girls and boys whether you are in a relationship or single and looking. Barbara arms couples and individuals with the tools you need to have a successful relationship. Communication is key to being happy in any relationship. Without good communication a couple is doomed. I love the 7 keys to a successful relationship that Barbara includes in this book.

1 Communication

2 Trust

3 Forgiveness

4 Intimacy

5 Acceptance

6 Friendship

7 Love

This book is right on target teaching  how to work on a relationship to bring joy and love into your life through acceptance and forgiveness. Barbara has empowered her reads with this inspiring collection of he saids, she saids, and I saids.

And she leaves you with this thought……

Nothing worth anything ever comes easy”

A relationship that is worth having will take work but will be a blessing throughout your lifetime.

If you would like to purchase He said, She said, I said,

Author Barbara Peters Has a Bachelor Degree of Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Masters of Science in Counseling, and her passion is working with couples .  She is also the Author of  The Gift Of A Lifetime, Building A Marriage That Lasts.

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