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Online Dating~ Is It Safe?

Post from My dear friend and online dating expert AmericanCurvyGirl~ From the Blog

I am often asked by people if Online Dating is safe.  I don’t blame people for being unsure about it because we hear stories and see things in the Media about some poor woman who was attacked or killed when she met a man from the internet.  The Media just loves a good Horror Story. That is how they make their living after all. If they keep us good and scared of “Online Stalkers and Predators”  we’re more likely to stay tuned so they can keep us safe.

My take on it is that for every one tragedy that comes from meeting someone online there is at least 1000 tragedies that happen when a woman meets a man at a bar, a dance club or any where for that matter. You see, when you meet someone online it’s okay to be cautious. It’s perfectly acceptable to get their name and address so you can leave it with your friend or maybe your mother.  Also, anyone smart will have spoken to each other on the phone quite a few times before deciding to meet.

Think about it.  When you meet someone online there is already a trail that can be followed in the event that something happens or you disappear.  The police will simply track the IP address from any emails or subpoena the dating site for any information they have.  If you are using a Dating Site that you both pay for there will also be credit card information that leads back to them.

To be honest I’m a cautious person myself. I don’t think I’d be out there using Craig’s List to meet people because I really would rather meet someone serious and grown up enough to use a real Dating Site.  However, should you choose that route for yourself you can still be safe.  Just get the person’s phone number and talk to them for a week or two before you decide to meet.  That way you know it’s probably not a stolen phone because it most likely would have been turned off within that amount of time.

When my friend Jayme met her husband Dave she even had his work number and had spoken to him at his office so she knew he was really who he said he was.  She was cautious and smart so she also told him outright that she had given a few of her friends his phone numbers as a safety net.  That is an excellent idea because we should never assume that a  killer or criminal is smart enough to realize that they would be easily caught.

If you just use caution and common sense you can make your Online Dating experience a very safe and secure adventure.  Of course I can’t guarantee you that there is nothing to fear. I mean there is always the possibility that you will have spinach in your teeth throughout all three courses. I’m sorry but you’re on your own when it comes to the really scary stuff.

She met her Husband online and they are still happily married. I spent a week on a cruise with this lovely loving couple. They are darling. It can happen for you too. Online dating can be safe if done wisely just like offline dating. Stop Wating Start Dating!!!


Uniform Singles Finding Dating Online

There is something about dating a single in a uniform. Military Singles are so rugged and a hero just for signing up to serve. A Firefighter or Police Officer, hard not to be attracted to one of those either. My how they make a woman’s heart race.  If you are interested in meeting uniform singles where do you go? The same place you found this blog. The Internet is full of dating sites for uniform singles and their admirers. and military singles are a match made in cyber heaven. Millions of members and growing, finding a perfect match is a few clicks away. FindingMilitaryDates is part of Tangowire trusted network of integrated sites giving members access to tons of great features and profiles of singles from around the globe. This site is secure and built with the privacy of its members in mind. No one will be able to spam you or have access to your private information.

Finding Military Dates has an advanced search criteria allowing members to search by age,place,and type of relationship. Helping narrow the search effort makes browsing profiles a snap. With 70 niche sites tangowire has a variety of members with a range of interest to help guide you to a single with much in common with you. Just sign up for free. You heard me I said free. Try this site if you are a military single or just adore them . Is also a great singles dating site for firefighter singles and police officer singles and the people who love men in uniform. Part of the same great dating system with Tangowire this site is a winner too. All those features we mentioned before makes dating on the go great for Firefighter and Police Officers.

Curvy Girls Rule

Entertainment tonight did an interview with the Beautiful Mark Sallings about his recent episode on “Glee” where he was longing for the attention of the character Lauren, portrayed by the big and beautiful actress Ashley Fink.

ET interviewed real men who adore plus-size women and found many man are attracted to the size and beauty of women that aren’t your typical skinny model type. The attitude and the personality of these women who love and accept themselves makes them very attractive to men. They also have those curves that men crave and aren’t afraid to show them. The men in this interview also admit that social pressure tend to make men worry about being judged for this attraction.

If you are a plus size woman or a man who is into curves you should try surfing This is a dating community for big beautiful women and the men who adore a woman with a lot of curves. This is a BBW dating site from Tangowire integrated dating system with thousands of members and super site features that makes online dating an exciting adventure for BBW singles. Membership is free and with Go Mobile you can take dating to a whole new level. Great site with the latest technology for online dating fun.

If you would like a complete list of BBW Dating sites that we have go to the article For local BBW Dating Sites.

Can it really work? Dating Online from a distance


You found that one in a million online, the catch: they live a million miles away.
A long distance relationship is a hard one to make-work but with care and effort, they CAN work. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. I have several friends that met their spouse in romance chat rooms. They lived great distances apart but made the relationship work by keeping in constant communication. There are several Internet communication programs that can make staying in contact easy and fun.
It’s important to take time to contact each other every day. You can e-mail, talk on the phone, or use an instant messenger program. E-mail can become the modern version of love letters that your grandmother still has stored away except that it’s much faster than the old snail mail and more convenient. No need for a stamp just press send and they’ve got mail! How about an instant message?
Take the step to visit each other and make that time special. Tell your friends and family that you and your sweetheart want to spend this time alone. Try to make sure you have nothing else to do but spend time with each other and spend it wisely. If you don’t put in the effort to see each other you will drift apart no matter how much you love each other. A Relationship needs physical contact in order to stay strong and keep it together.
Trust is important in a long distance relationship. Try not to panic and worry every time you call and don’t get an answer. Don’t assume just because your sweetie went out with friends that he or she is cheating on you. Trust is the key here. You can’t keep someone chained to a phone or computer waiting for you but as long as they are making the effort to stay in contact with you, relax.

With work and a little effort a long distance relationship can work well. There’s something very romantic about people that are so far apart yet being devoted to each other. Just remember to take the time to stay in daily contact and it could blossom into something that can last a lifetime.

Dating Now with Google Search

Have you ever asked a question and been told to try” Googling” it?  If you have a question about online dating now that’s a good answer. If you want a fast answer as to which of the follow is the best dating site now try it. You will find the answer to the question. Quality site, great people, friendly staff and fast fun is what you can find at these sites If you want niche dating now “google” it.
Interracial Dating Now
Military Dating Now
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Latino dating Now
Lesbian Dating Now
Gay Dating Now
Bisexual Dating Now
It’s what’s happening now in online dating sites that specialize in niche dating.
just go to google search and try it now. For fast free online dating search for the type of dating that you are
looking for with the word now. See what we mean. Go to to see all that happening now in online.

Phone Flirting in the UK


Online Dating is booming in the UK. More singles in the UK down load applications for online dating to their mobile phones than any other device recently. Why are more singles in the UK looking for love? Perhaps with the upcoming marriage of William and Kate romance is on the mind of the Kingdom. If you are a single in the UK and are thinking of trying an online dating site with mobile application we have a list of a few trusted websites with great site features like Go Mobile made just for UK Singles. is a UK dating site with Go Mobile and a huge data base of singles in the UK. is a UK black dating site with virtual dating and features you can use from your mobile device for communicating with singles interested in dating. is a BBW dating site for UK singles that are large and lovely and their admirers.  a UK interracial dating site has all the bells and whistles that make online dating fun and has a great selections of singles’ profiles to search.

As more and more UK singles search for love online technology seems to be flirting with them too.

Dating From the Laptop

 Imagine sitting at your computer at home and finding love romance or friendship at the click of your mouse. An Internet connection and a few clicks of your keyboard and mouse will take you to cyber dating, a new contemporary style of dating. Best of all, you do not have to leave home to try it.

With a swish of a mouse you can have thousands of pictures and profiles parading across your screen. Presto! Singles interested in meeting and dating someone like you.  There’s not even a need to primp with makeup or splash on cologne.
There was a time when online dating was consider the place for the freaks and geeks to meet.Not so today. Now online dating is the cultural norm. More and more people are meeting online rather than by traditional dating.

You can now meet and fall in love with someone before even looking into their eyes or giving them a kiss! It happens daily on the internet.People routinely develop online friendships with men and women who live halfway across the world. Some of these friendships lead to committed and monogamous relationships where one or both of the individuals relocate to another city, state, or country. Marriages are happening from online dating on a routine bases.
Online dating is a practical option for busy or professional men and women who simply do not have time to meet other singles through traditional methods.
Dating Sites can be like entering another world, only this is the kind of world that can forever change you.

How about a Virtual Date? now has virtual dating. How about that for a first date. We love it. You can try virtual dating on all of Tangowires network of dating sites on sites like,,,, or
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