Stop Wating ~ Start Dating!

I just read an article in the Herald Sun and it’s the second one i have read saying adults over 40 are more likely to have unprotected sex,especially WOMEN. What?!!! Are you kidding me? Adults contracting STDs is on the rise for those over 40 as well. Well Duh!!! I am shocked. During the 80’s that lovely thing called HIV reared its ugly head and scared most people into using condoms. People in their 40s were young adults then so I can’t believe they are over that fear.WOW! There are WAY worse things than getting pregnant associated with unprotected sex. Just because you aren’t able to become pregnant does not mean you can’t contract a dreadful disease. My advice is the same for you as for my children,” Wait til you have a ring. If you can’t wait then protect yourself from your partner and their past.” It is just that simple. If you aren’t going to be wise and wait then at least be smart people.

Are older women too shy to tell a man no, unless he has protection? Are they thinking that it will spoil the moment?  Too embarrassed? I bet it would be more humiliating getting treated for an STD, not to mention the damage could be permanent, even life threatening! Maybe it would spoil the moment? Not nearly as much as saying not tonight sweetie, I have a herpes flare up. Ouch!!! Or explaining to your partner that you have herpes and umm is he still interested in having a sexual relationship? I’m guessing they would pass. Those things would be way more of a mood killer and a turn off than saying ,”Do You have protection?” I’m so disappointed.

If you are going to date and be sexually active you have to be smart about it. UNPROTECTED sex with a stranger is dumb and dangerous. Yet those older and wiser adults are doing it at an alarming rate according to this study. The result of which is an epidemic of STD reports for the over 40 crowd with women being affected the most. Don’t forget that one of the causes of cervical cancer is now known to be caused  by a virus called HPV  which is sexually transmitted.

I’m climbing down from my soapbox but stories like these are troubling to me to say the least. I want to know why in the world this is taking place ladies and I want changes. Let’s get our act together and act like grown ups. Is 40 the new 20? Oh, a new article about that one will be coming soon.

 Anything worth having is worth the wait.

If you would like to read the article please go to the Herald Sun Older Women Shunning Safe Sex


Comments on: "Is It safe over 40? Shocking dating survey results" (5)

  1. Wow. I can’t believe they would take that risk either. This just goes to show that we can’t ever stop getting the word out about safe sex.

    • I know ..these people are the people teaching their children about sex? *sighs*

      • ” I know ..these people are the people teaching their children about sex? *sighs* ”

        Yeah, maybe unprotected sex is the new smoking/drinking, where the older generation tells the younger ones ad nauseam that it’s bad while they themselves continue to make those same mistakes, even knowing the consequences.

        This is really disturbing. This information is interesting, but I wonder also what the 40+ womans’ perceptions are of unprotected sex. Is it possible they don’t think there is as much risk? Do they think STIs are are a problem of the young? Maybe it is just the ruining-the-moment thing, but I would be curious to know more.

      • I’m really curious to know too. What ever the reason, that has to change. Very dangerous and foolish practice. I have no answers but I would like to get some.

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