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“Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and always has and always will” say Robyn Lawley, the first plus sized model to be featured on Austrialian Vogue. Australian Vogue will feature its first plus-size model in next month’s issue of the magazine.

Robyn Lawley, who wears an Australian size 14, was cast for a ten-page spread for the September addition of the magazine, making her the first full figured model to be featured in the magazine since it started 52 years ago.
In the spread, entitled ‘Belle Curve,’ the Sydney native shows off designs by Australian designers Alex Perry, Willow and Carla Zampatti.

This is not the 22-year-old’s first time in the spotlight: she has made previous appearances in Vogue Italia and Australian Cosmopolitan, and stole the spotlight on the cover of French Elle in April.

Kirstie Clements, the editor for Vogue Australia, called Robyn a “super-duper model,” saying that she was not cast based on her size.
“She’s really beautiful and you have to make the judgement about whether a girl’s special or not, so it really wasn’t about size or to make a statement,” said Clements

Robyn, who now lives in New York City, has spoken publicly about working in an industry dominated by thin figures.

Vogue Australia’s September issue is on sale now. Visit for more details

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Comments on: "Beauty Comes in all Shapes and Sizes ~Plus size Models on the move" (6)

  1. I’m sorry, but since when is an Australian 14 (apparently comparable to a UK 12 and a US 10) a plus size? Only in the fashion world. Get a grip, people.

    • LOL my though at first but at least she doesn’t look like she hasn’t eaten a meal in a month. I have daughters and worry about the signals they get from the fashion world. I like that she has double digits in her size anyway. thank you for visiting me.

  2. compound sliding miter saws said:

    That’s pretty exciting news and I really hope more people get to read this.

  3. Crown Deal said:

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