Stop Wating ~ Start Dating!

Way too often when asked what thing in life people regret the answer is that chance I didn’t take when it comes to love,relationships and romance. If “onlys” and “I should have” eat singles up inside. Why did I not go out with that one when I had the chance and why did I not tell them how I felt top the list of things people regret in life.

Women tend to name romantic regrets almost twice as often as men and feel they are most responsible when a romantic opportunity is lost. Psychologists have found women are raised in the US to believe that maintaining a relationship is their role in life and are  more likely to blame themselves when something goes wrong in a relationship.

Are you afraid to take a chance on love? Stop letting fear keep you down. Take a chance and tell that certain someone how you feel. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They don’t feel the same way as you do? So what, at least you will know that the feelings you have are a waste of time and you can move forward.

Regret can be a powerful tool if used correctly. We can learn from the things that we regret not doing. We can take a chance and get out there and try  to find love and stop pinning for the one we can’t have or the one we let get away.  Take a chance and try something new. You’ll REGRET it if you don’t.

Stop Waiting Start Dating~


Comments on: "Singles and Regrets ~Why Romance is top of the List" (7)

  1. The realistic worst thing that can happen if you share your feelings is that the other person won’t feel the same way about you, they tell you that in a gentle way, and you move on with your life to find someone with whom you share a mutual attraction. No harm done.

    If you’re into a complete tosser and share your feelings, sure, they might laugh and make fun of you to all of their friends. But that’s not a realistic case, since you’re not interested in immature losers…are you?

  2. Great article 🙂 Although this is true. I think the guilt of a failed romance can also work the other way. In the next romance you feel that you should “take a chance” because last time you were too scared to. Making you rush through things and not listen to your gut.

    I try to look at failed romances as “not meant to be” relationships. I can’t shoulda woulda my life away. No use looking back.

    • That is the best attitude to take just not one most women seem too. You’re right I think ~Look back only to say humm not going to make that mistake again or chose better next time.

  3. I think my ex missed the memo about women blaming themselves for failed relationships.

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