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Interesting article about interracial dating and places that it seems taboo. How do you feel about interracial dating? Common answer found..It’s okay for other people to do it but it’s not for me. Study after study finds that even in 2011 most people date within their own culture and race. People have preconceived ideas about races and ethnic groups that tend to steer them away or towards a group. Do we still judge people based on race? The answer seems to be yes.

If you are a singles and would like to date outside of your own ethnic group can you find a place online to do it? You can if you look to niche dating. Niche dating is a term used in the online dating industry used to define specialty dating. Say you like interracial dating, then you would need to find a dating site that caters to that need. They exist by the thousands and they are the best place to find people who are interested in interracial dating, sites like an interracial dating site for black and white singles looking for dating and relationships online.

Asian Singles have their own struggles with racism and stereotypical ideas about their race. Some people are attracted to those ideal while other spurn Asian singles for them. The same problems face Asian singles when it comes to online dating and a solution is to go to a niche made for Asian single daters. is an Asian dating site for Asian Singles and people interested in dating Asian singles. This is NOT an Asian bride site but a site for dating and meeting Asian singles from The US to all parts of the world where they might live.

Latin singles are in the same boat when it comes to beliefs about their culture. Those ideas about them as a group are a plus for some and a complete turn off to others. Mainstream online dating sites pose a problem for them too. Often they are overlooked by daters because they have preconceived ideas about dating Latino singles. Niche dating comes to the rescue again. Hispanic singles can join a site that caters to their race and culture and the people who are attracted to them. is a Latino dating site for Latin singles and their admirers.

In this day and age you would think that racism in dating would no longer exist. It does still exist according to studies in that people accept interracial couples but just aren’t that open to dating outside their own ethnic group. Many things have changed as far as acceptance of interracial couples but there are still some old ideas hanging around too.

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Comments on: "Are you into Interracial Dating? Study says Yes And No?" (7)

  1. great post. My sister married an african american. They “dated” for years while in college, and not until he proposed was it a big deal to both families.. It took a while for them to get over the idea – and now have the most beautiful daughter… cutest thing ever!

    • Thank you for the comment and something similar happened to me in my life and it was a big deal. I have a huge family and with ohh about 56 cousins just on one side and we have kids from all races in it now. I think biracial children are so beautiful.

    • buddahkitty said:

      that’s a great story, I look forward to seeing what my kids look like also.

  2. buddahkitty said:

    I’m Latina, I married a dutch guy. When we lived in Holland I got lots of dirty looks from older generation dutch. He got lots of dirty looks from Middle Eastern People who lived there ( i guess they thought I was middle eastern). Now that we moved to Florida, it’s not such a big deal. Although when filling out immigration papers people generally think I’m the one applying for the green card. I usually laugh and say no, it’s the tall white guy who needs it. lol

  3. Old news. I met and married my wife in Japan 35 years ago. The stereotypical English teacher marries student, I’m afraid.

    My cousin’s son married an Australian girl who is of Vietnamese/Chinese ethnicity whom he met in college. There are a few other racial mixes in the family as well.

    I don’t think we’re very unusual or particularly open minded or cosmopolitan. It’s a smaller world these days and people get around more.

  4. There are three girls in my family, two of us married within our race. One did not. The one who did not is the only one still married. We jokingly call her husband by his name followed by, LMS (Last Man Standing) !!!!!

    • LOL like that name!!!! I hope that the last man standing stays happy and in your family..and the rest find the love that will last..;)

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