Stop Wating ~ Start Dating!


Are you in a bad romance? Does it take more work to keep it going than it should? Love is about being happy and sharing a feeling and a bond. If you are in a bad romance maybe it’s time to move on. Some people stay in a bad relationship because being along seems worse than this ugly situation.

Is a bad romance better than no romance? The only person that can decide what’s best for you is you.
Are you addicted to bad romance? Some people get in relationships with a person they know has issues because they think they can change them and be the hero or heroine to this person for life. It works in the movies and books right? A diamond in the rough partner. I will fix them and they will be grateful and love me forever. This rarely works my friends.

 How about this time you look for the diamond that’s not so rough. How about trying a romance that’s simple to stay in. No drama…boring you say. You deserve the best partner you can find and I bet you can do better than a bad romance. It can’t hurt to try and who knows you might like it. 🙂


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